Building a Diverse Team

People tell me all the time that they wish they had more diversity in their team, but they can’t seem to find diverse talent. Well,

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Finding Hope in 2020

I am most hopeful that my Josie will grow up in a community that really, truly values a sense of belonging. Where people look out for one another. Where people are compassionate…

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To all the children who have a limb difference and might have been affected by this movie, know that you are beautiful just the way you are and that being different will enrich…

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Your greatest challenge is often your pathway to power

We tend to see ‘failure’ or ‘challenge’ as a negative thing. I’ve learnt to view those things positively. I’ve never navigated a challenge where I haven’t grown as a person…

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Pivoting During the Pandemic: Introducing

I am relaunching my brand today across all social platforms and a brand new website! I am excited to be launching new keynotes (virtual and in person) and a series of…

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