Well, well, well – who could have predicted that 2020 would look like this! Certainly not me. Towards the end of last year, I took a leap of faith and started my own company. I had been the General Counsel for the Australian Olympic Committee for the previous five years and, as a lawyer, was pretty (read: VERY) risk averse. So this was a Big. Deal.!

And so began Grit & Gold. With a mission to help people unleash their potential.

I began sharing my story about growing up with a disability and as an elite athlete. About the struggles and the triumphs and the grit and the gold and the determination and the passion and the importance of inclusion, to companies all over the world.

It was a privilege and an honour and it was really gaining momentum.

Then COVID-19 happened.

I had flown home from a conference in Saudi Arabia in mid-March and within a couple of days all of my engagements were cancelled. I remember deleting the last remaining gig out of my calendar (the Tokyo 2020 Games where I was going to be the lead anchor for the Australian TV network). I sat on my couch, stared out the window and thought: ‘my gosh, was this risk worth it?’ My work relied entirely on international travel and large conferences. Neither of which was coming back anytime soon!

I sat there for a couple of hours and allowed the shock and fear and sadness to wash over me. Then I said to myself: ‘Annabelle, this is an opportunity to get creative. You’ve got to stand up, dust yourself off and take the next best step forward’. I had no idea where the path was leading. I could see the clearest next step (after Netflix and chocolate) so I took it.

That step and every step since has led me here. To you. To this new community. Welcome!

I am relaunching my brand today across all social platforms and a brand new website! I am excited to be launching new keynotes (virtual and in person) and a series of masterclasses.

I look forward to learning all about you and helping to unlock your potential!

Also, what do you think about my new logo? She’s missing her arm too!