Annabelle has wowed audiences around the world with her extraordinary profile as a Paralympic athlete, corporate lawyer, sports commentator, and more.


Courage. Kindness. Grit. Determination.

Annabelle is a highly renowned motivational speaker, sharing stories that have been foundational to her perseverance and success.

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Specialised. Intimate. Instructive.

Lean in a little closer and see what Annabelle can do for your business, professional, or individual aspirations.

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Hi, I'm Annabelle

After years as an elite athlete and corporate professional, I now find myself with a new passion: motivational speaking and guiding audiences towards meaningful, personal change. I derive so much joy out of helping others —whether my experience relates on a professional or personal level—and I believe that we all have a greater power within, we just have to learn how to realise it.

Reasons to hire Annabelle


Annabelle inspires others to break out of their comfort zone and reach their full potential.


Annabelle understands the power of laughter and loves to have a few giggles, even at her own expense.


Annabelle brings her best to everything she puts her mind to. It’s not just what she does, it’s who she is.


Annabelle connects with her audiences, using energy and transparency to make participants feel engaged and encouraged.


Annabelle cares deeply about other people, building relationships by being approachable, empathetic and understanding.


Annabelle adapts proactively to meet her audience’s needs in a way that is compassionate and effective.


Annabelle unlocks the potential of others, guiding them on a path of awareness and growth.